Inversion Table

My husband has had back problems way before we ever meet back in 2008. He was always lifting heavy boxes and equipment and not doing it the proper way.

Although he has always had back problems, it wasn’t until here recently, that it has reached a new level of pain for him.

With him being in so much pain lately, he has had a hard time working for more than a few hours at a time, making our home life a little more stressful.

One of our friends suggested that we check out inversion table benefits info @ Sunflower University Press. Even though we had no clue what they were sending us to that site for, we soon found out. they also had some helpful reviews of of inversion tables and a more detailed information on the chairs.

Turns out, that was exactly what my husband needed. Spending no more than $400 dollars we found the key to relieving his pain and getting our home life back on track.

The key was an Inversion Table. We learned all about the benefits of having one and how it would make our life so much easier.

For example, inversion tables help with:

  • relief back pain
  • ease stress
  • improve joint health
  • increase flexibility
  • improve fitness
  • build core strength

The inversion table is known for realigning the spin, relaxing tense muscles, reducing nerve pressure, and rehydrate disc.

The best treatment for a back in pain. We will never go with anything else. It was great for my husband and has no real side effects of using it.

They only ask that people that are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant do not use it. Also if you have high blood pressure, heart problems or glaucoma (rise in pressures in the eyes).

Other than those few things, it is completely safe to use! And the fact that the table is padded makes it a little more comfortable for people to lay on while it puts your body into the inverted position.

My grandson almost flushed my iPhone 4 days ago

I know, sounds a bit crazy, but it’s true. My 19 month old grandson is quick on the draw and before I knew it, he had my phone and had made his way to the bathroom where he promptly sent it for a swim.

His mother, my daughter caught him and actually watched him toss it in. Thankfully she was able to get it out and turn it off in a second or two, thrusting her hand into the bowl to recover it without hesitation.

She immediately turned it off and said she would get it fixed. Dumbfounded was my initial response since I didn’t know they could be fixed, even with water damage.

I had heard the horror stories of phones taking a swim and the basics were that you just bought a new phone. Since I had only purchased the phone a little over 3 weeks prior, I was a little disillusioned, to say the least.

My daughter told meĀ  that there were local companies that fixed them now and she quickly done a search and found Orlando Like New iPhone Repair. A quick call and they told us to bring it in and they would give it a shot.

We took a drive to their store and they stated that about 80% of time, they could fix water damage. So we left the phone with them and 4 days later they called us to pick up the phone.

I was so excited and it really worked. I have been using it without any problem.

Technology is amazing, but even better when you can fix and repair the products if something does happen to them.